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Australia’s Underwater World

During the past 2 weeks we’ve made our way up to our final destination Cairns. But this update won’t be about what we experienced on land, it will be only about what we’ve seen under water. Since a trip to Australia wouldn’t be complete without the Great Barrier Reef, we’ve packed our snorkels and went for two snorkling adventures…

Our first trip took us to Lady Elliot Island which you can reach with a 30min flight in a small plane. We’ve booked the relatively expensive tour to the island, as we’ve heard that the underwater world would be special.
And it was indeed absolutely stunning! The highlight was when a group of eagle rays was passing right next to us.
So in the end the only thing that we didn’t like was that we had to take the plane back at 4pm đŸ™‚

Our second stop was a 3-day sailing trip to the Whitsunday Islands, where we also spent some time snorkling. The corals here were even more colorful than in Lady Elliot Island, even though the water was not as clear. But luckily it was clear enough to find a really special and huge blue fish (humphead wrasse).

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