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First of all, we’re happy that you’ve found us on our site!

We – that is Nina and Patrick – met each other about 4 years ago. Since then we’ve spent all of our vacations traveling together around the globe. While we were able to see already a few places over that time, we‘ve now both decided to give work a break and go once around the world in 6 months.

With this website we would like to provide you with updates of our journey.

Hi, this is Patrick - 31 years old and living in Zurich, Switzerland. My daily job in finance is mostly about numbers, but for the next 6 months they will get switched in for adventures. Traveling to me was so far about surfing, new cultures, food and nature.
Hi, for everyone who doesn't know me: I'm Nina, 29 years old from Zurich, Switzerland. Until recently I worked as a Paramedic until I decided to take a bit more time again for myself and to explore the world.
I love spending my time and energy outside. Standing on a board in the Snow or when surfing waves, going for a run through the forest or doing tours on my road bike.
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